About Us

The Company



Strategic Business Development & Support Ltd is a business that was founded in 2013 and is based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

Sectors working in include but are not limited to

  • Metal Fabrication.
  • Print and packaging.
  • Plastics.
  • Point of Sale.
  • Automotive.
  • Construction.
  • Service industry.
  • Yellow construction equipment.
  • Aerospace.
  • Retail
  • Artists and Graphic Design
  • Leisure Industry

It has been set up to help support and accelerate the growth and success of individuals and businesses in by helping them to develop as people and businesses to become Consciously Excellent using Coaching and Experiential Learning as well as consultancy.

As a result the business or individual will become more effective and will offer an improved margin as well as better people skills to gain more from the people around then and have a better understanding of how to develop a long term strategy to improve as well as the ability to make tactical plans to allow the long term strategy to be achieved.

The company can offer the following services individually or as a bespoke package to support change within your business.

  • Deliver culture change within a business.
  • Improve systems and information flow.
  • Offer coaching and mentoring.
  • Develop leadership skills within your team.
  • Psychometric testing.
  • Develop a business vision and a deliverable strategy.
  • Improve margin.
  • Lean.
  • Theory of Constraints.
  • Continuous Improvement techniques.
  • Place and mentor Engineering Students to allow businesses to gain academic problem solving skills and to offer both parties the opportunity to recruit and develop good quality employees.




The People

Adrian Martin – Managing Director   AdrianMartin1


Adrian is an experienced business coach and consultant that has spent over twenty years working in a variety of industries before becoming actively involved in coaching and consulting as a business advisor on the Manufacturing Advisory Service Government Contract

Two of the key objectives achieved while working for the Manufacturing Advisory Service.

  • Project manage up to 60 separate improvement projects in primarily the SME sector over a 12 month period using associates while actively delivering on up to 10% of the projects usually involving either coaching or continuous improvement techniques
  • Responsible for growing the Leicestershire manufacturing sector by a ratio of 50:1 against government funding ratio over a 12 month period equating to around £7million in GVA (profit increase plus salary cost increase plus depreciation and amortisation)

He understands how businesses operate and how to best develop their systems and people to successfully grow.

Previous successes have included

  • Overall responsibility for the project planning and installation of a new Dumper flow line with Terex that increased turnover of this product by £14.4 million whilst introducing a pre-painted fully finished machine rolling off the line thus taking £300,000 of WIP out of the process.
  • Work with Caledonian Modular UK to introduce lean sigma principles to throughout the business and ultimately improving information flow using mapping techniques to allow the business to deliver projects on time to their new business model, allowing a 1.2 million (10%)increase in turnover.
  • Implementation of a Sustainable Continuous Improvement process into Velan plant in Leicester with 20 days on site over a 3 month period. Working with the whole business from the shop floor operators up to the European President including all departments including design, sales, quality, despatch, stores and production. Build relationships rapidly with key people within the business to win the contract. Use the plug game to encourage the workforce to embrace change. Facilitate a strategy of Flow throughout the process to eliminate the work in progress and improve cash flow as well as delivery performance. Influence the change in layout of the business using flow concepts and drastically improving the lead times and taking efficiency levels from around 20% to 40% generating £0.5 million profit.
  • Remove £65,000 worth of WIP by persuading the production director to introduce a cellular manufacturing technique to British Gypsum Products with Metsec (Part of the Voestalpine Corporation)
  • Record best in group 12 months saving of £245,000 running a continuous improvements team with Metsec (Part of the Voestalpine Corporation).






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