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A Lovely Card from Admit One after Coaching

“I Would highly recommend Adrian to anyone who requires a change agent to advise and manage change across a business. Highly capable at all levels, from analysing the root cause of business process issues to running shop floor project improvement teams. Adrian has been involved with the last two companies I have worked for, delivering training, making significant improvements to the business processes and best practice improvements”

Andy Charlesworth

Manufacturing Manager at NG Bailey

“Adrian is approachable, professional, reliable and multifaceted. He has the ability to speak to SME businesses at a practical level, providing support and insight, professional support and expertise.”

Sue Tilley

Economic Strategy Manager, Business Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership


“Adrian has a wealth of productivity improvement experience. I recommended him to my clients when identifying productivity improvement interventions as an advisor under the Manufacturing Advisory Service. They were highly satisfied with the work Adrian undertook for them.”

Rob Calvert

Technical Director, British Rema


“Adrian is an extremely knowledgeable business consultant with a large range of business and manufacturing skills and experiences. He has been a fantastic support to me personally in joining consultancy and I would recommend him to any company.

He is thorough, direct and is able to quickly understand his clients’ needs and work with them to develop their companies.

Adrian is a key player and I highly recommend him.”

Rick Shouler

Pera Consulting


“Adrian helped me to develop and implement a business improvement programme as part of a business turnaround that I was heading. His knowledge of his subject and his ability to quickly form positive relationships with the work force, coupled with his focus on key issues and his energy and enthusiasm to get things done, delivered rapid and effective improvements in overall business performance. I would have no hesitation in recommending Adrian wherever operational workplace improvements need to be made effectively.”

Tony Withers

Implementation Director at Qualitin – High Performance



“Adrian is quick to understand the needs of a business and has always delivered exactly what we required.”

Martin Gwilliam

Director at Dynamic Merchandise Ltd



“Adrian is an exceptional provider of advice and recommendations on best practice in manufacturing, he helped create a much smoother and less wasteful production flow. He is a great communicator at all levels.”

Terry Goodwin

Partner, Technical Manager at Thysis Technical Mouldings Limited


“Adrian is helping us transition to become a lean manufacturer and I thoroughly recommend him.”

“Adrian has been instrumental in helping us realise a lean culture change within our business to become more effective and positive in outlook. He has been successful embedding processes including a site 5S audit strategy that has delivered a constant improvement in layout and look of the site. As well as improving the layout and Value added work ratio and squeezing floor space to allow us to produce more product with the same amount of people on welding and fabrication processes.”

“Adrian has mentored some of our key management personnel and embedded a positive mind-set and the right tools and techniques to allow them to make informed decisions on process improvement, moving away from the previous behaviour of day to day firefighting”.

Paul Maurice

Chairman at Midland Metal Products



“Adrian came into our business and put us on the right path to deliver the results we required within the agreed time frames.”

Jason Thompson

Operations Director at SDI Displays


“Adrian is highly skilled in a number of lean tools that can help businesses grow and become more profitable in a number of varying sectors/industries. He is also very good with people engaging them quickly at all levels of the business to visualise how the business is currently performing and identifying the opportunities to stakeholders of where and how the business can yield tangible improvements. Having worked closely with Adrian on a number of client projects I highly recommend him and his skills to any business that aims to grow and improve.”


Brian Colgan

Senior Operations Manager at Lear Corporation


“I have worked with Adrian developing cross border relationships he in the East Midlands myself in the west Midlands for MAS, Adrian is approachable, knowledgeable and an experienced lean practitioner. I would recommend Adrian as he has been a please to work with, resourceful and passionate about helping manufacturing companies succeed”

Michael Knight

Process and product Improvement expert, Coventry University




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