Managing Director – Adrian Martin



Adrian always ensured that MP Filtri UK management was kept informed throughout the entire project. His Attention to details, ability to communicate effectively and skills to change management was like a breath of fresh air.” Francesco Chessari Executive Director


.Email  adrian@sbdands.co.uk

Phone  07753 116722

Do you or your business just drift through year after year in a state of Unconscious Competence occasionally drifting into Unconscious Incompetence and back again?

Has your Business hit a point where it is struggling to cope with its current level of work?

Do you have an ambition to grow the profitability of your business or to improve your performance as an individual?

Do you need to develop more confidence and a positive mind-set?

Do you need your Management team to work together more cohesively?

Do you need to develop a long term vision for the business with a deliverable strategy to achieve this vision?

Do you want to develop an exit strategy or a succession plan?

If the Answer is yes to any of the above questions then you need to develop a Conscious Excellence within!

Conscious Excellence is the brainchild of Adrian Martin.

It is a technique that utilises Psychometric testing along with experiential learning and coaching to develop as an individual.

For processes it utilises parts of Lean Sigma and Theory of Constraints to build and develop processes that allow the business to identify, understand and implement the opportunities to improve and grow.

Three key elements of the Delivery process are:-


Challenge your current thinking or assumptions, suggest new ideas, encourage different perspectives. Ask the searching questions. While listening carefully to your answers.


By working with you and questioning your thinking. Motivating you to achieve something that you weren’t aware that you could do before. Encouraging the idea that excellence is possible


Make an action or process easier. Create an atmosphere or ambience where what seemed unachievable before achievable or appear easier. Bring people and situations together to make positive change happen.

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Email  adrian@sbdands.co.uk

Phone  07753 116722